Choosing a Marketing Company


Today, marketing companies in Whitby are everywhere you look and this makes finding the right one rather difficult. Since every marketing company claims to be the best, how do you know which one is telling the truth? Marketing is expensive and you don’t want to waste your money and time. Fortunately, there are some characteristics that come with good internet marketing agencies:

•    Experience will go a long way in helping you decide which company is best for the job. Find someone who has been in business for at least 5 years.

•    Have they worked with a business like yours? Different niches require different marketing techniques so it is important to find a company that has worked with businesses that are similar to yours.

•    Website ranking is important; in fact, if your website is not well ranked you can be sure that you are missing out on an excellent opportunity. Ranking requires that you do consistent SEO. Find a company that has a reputation of helping businesses rank in Google.

•    It is important to keep in mind that SEO is a process and not an event. If a company tells you that they can get you ranked they are either lying to you of they are using black hat methods. You can expect your website to rank in a few months for low competition search terms. Harder terms are often unattainable or expensive to reach.

•    Web design is also important – the way your website looks can make users stay or leave. Before you hire, find out whether the agency has an expert in web design.

•    Good SEO companies usually take the time to listen to the client so that they can understand what he hopes to gain from the marketing campaign – do you want marketing services because you are launching a new product? Do you want their services because the product or service that you are selling now isn’t doing too well? The kind of marketing required is different in each case.

•    Agree on report – when you should get them and what kind of metrics they should contain. Frequency of reporting should be discussed as well.

•    It is always better is you have your own account manager so that when you want to talk to the company you can deal with your account manager. If you don’t have one you may end up getting transferred from desk to desk.

•    Do not hire an SEO company simply because they are big. Some of the best SEO has been done by geeks sitting in a garage somewhere. Hire based on the quality of their work and affordability based on your budget. Find a compromise.

These tips should help you find a Whitby SEO to help your business go to the next level.

Gold Does So Pay Interest !


It is often said that gold and silver are “dead ” investments because they do not pay interest or dividends.

To begin with, only a small portion of available investments pay any dividends . Gold and silver may not pay dividends in the traditional sense, but they can be ” ratio traded ” for extra gains that occur as the ratio of silver to gold fluctuates. You could keep the ounces gained, or cash in on them as a sort of dividend. If for example, the ratio of silver to gold is 70/1 and it drops to 35/1 you could trade silver for gold. If and when the ratio returns to say 50/1 you could trade back and increase your ounces of silver by 50% approximately. This is not an exact number but it is the concept I am trying to highlight not the exact numbers.

While I must admit that ratio trading is somewhat complex for the average investor, it is certain no more complex than understanding the entirety of the various positions one is suggested to own and manage (in order to offset market risk ) in paper investing .

You may have someone managing all those investments for you but keep in mind that they get paid no matter how well or how poorly a portfolio performs. Of course, those in charge of your wealth want to do well for their clients, I would never suggest otherwise but it behooves the individual to have a solid grasp of their own investments, don’t you think ?

Now let’s talk about gold/silver not paying interest. I disagree and here is why. True, is does not pay interest in the observable realm, but it does pay interest conceptually, and in reality depending on your point of view. I am a big fan of ” defining terms ” whenever I debate someone on a subject. Particularly when I am debating a subject that has many unfounded social biases attached to it. So let’s define the term ” nominal ” for the sake of this section of the article. Nominal means ” in name only “.( in number only in this case )

Let’s take a $100 paper investment vs a $100 physical silver purchase. Let’s say the paper gains 10%. So the naysayers of metals would say ” looky here …..I have $110….what do you have? “. Well…………..? Not sure until I look at the silver market. Oh well….let’s see here……….. silver is up 10% in the same timeframe. Looks like my silver is worth $110 as well.

Can someone please interject here and tell me what the difference between these two scenarios is, please . I am at a loss !!! It’s the same paper money market deciding these numbers and in this hypothetical case, they both have “nominal ” gains of 10%. I say nominal because until the owner of these investments ” marks to market ” ( go look that up ) the individual gains held , the whole numbering system which measures the gains is meaningless.

If every $100 item in the retail marketplace has gone up $10 in the same time frame we are measuring for the original $100 investments ,the whole point of a $10 gain is lost with all but one exception. That exception being ………that if either of the investors had done nothing but held cash during the allotted gain period they would only have $100 to spend for an inflation increased $110 item.

It’s pretty rudimentary economics, but it still amazes me how many people will argue that they gained $10 and that’s all that matters. Exasperating ! Gold pays interest the same way any investment does, through mark to market purchasing power. And this is an area where it has outlasted every paper accounting scheme on the planet. You can do your own research on that and you will come to find it true.( I spoke to the owners of a precious metals dealership in my local region named Durham Precious Metals and the owner agreed with my sentiments. I have since become a customer because I like to deal with people who I see eye to eye with.)

At this point, someone is surely objecting that I have not included the retail markup on physical silver and gold. Agreed . Everything has an entry and exit cost. Paper investments have an entry and/or exit cost too by the way !!!! Professionals that handle people’s investment decisions surely deserve to get paid a commission just as surely as metals dealers deserve the same. The difference is that many money management systems have hidden fees that can mount up to serious annual costs.

In a recent interview, and also outlined in his recent book on personal finance, Tony Robbins revealed that many of these fees add up to 3% per year or more.

The one positive benefit to physical metals over paper investments is that physical metals do not have an annual maintenance fee. You pay the premiums up front, and unless you pay to have the metals stored somewhere , there are no more fees.

In closing, I say silver and gold
pay interest. It matters not what the gurus of finance say!

Choosing a Filming Site

Western Film Set

Choosing a filming site

Choosing a Film Location


Where you film your movie or documentary is as crucial as what you are filming. In film or any form of video production, the location often sets the tone and communicates a lot about the film or video. For instance, while filming in an amusement park will convey more joie de vivre and excitement in your film/video, office setting often exudes a professional feel.  So when scouting for the best film sites, you need to keep a few things in mind, including but not limited to:


Scene Believability


When you reflect about of some of your favorite movies, you remember not only the actors and actresses but also a few elements that went into creating your favorite scenes or moments. What was happening when the female lead met her lover or when the goofy male character met his in-laws for the first time? All these minor elements influence a film scene and are very significant when it comes to creating a great picture and sentiment. It is these small details that make a scene more believable and captivating—and it’s the choice of your location that brings them out.

For example; There is a film site in Newcastle Ontario that is absolutely amazing call Docville Movie Set. The owner Steve Holliday has spent countless hours turning his own farm into a full-blown Wild West Movie Set. This place must be seen to be appreciated.

I just happened by the place one time and saw a movie shoot going on there and stopped in. I found out what film was being shot and later saw the film on the big screen. Really convincing scenery!




The filming location that you choose should be easy to reach by every member of your crew. This will go a long way in helping you finish the filming work within the right time frame. If there is a scene that should take place in a forest, there is no need to pull all your crew members to some dark African forest—you can always choose a location that is similar to that. Again, if you plan to shoot your film in a big city, think of the difficulties that your crew members are likely to encounter such as traffic in the location among other factors.


Legal Considerations


Understand the legalities and the property rights that are associated with the location that you choose for filming. While some countries such as the United States have a lot of freedom when it comes to filming in public places, other governments have stringent regulation on filming public places such as airports, train terminals, and buildings. Besides, when filming on private property or buildings, you are going to need special permits, releases, or property rights clearances.


Bottom Line


Location remains an important enhancement for any film’s total causative effects. A strong sense of location is as significant as strong acting presence in any film—it transcends into the emotive feedback that the audience will experience and identify with while watching the movie.

Are Western Movies Dead ?

Cowboy Town

Are Western Movies Dead ?

Are Western Movies Dead?

Are Western movies dead? If you had asked that question a few decades ago people in the movie business would have probably looked at you like you were crazy.  In fact during the middle part of the last century Western movies dominated the film landscape.  Western movie sets were big business and were used both for feature films and also for the seemingly endless number of Western-based television shows.  But over time, the public’s imagination has been captured elsewhere.  Instead of producing a film on a Western film set they are now largely produced in big studios using high-end special effects to create blockbusters.  One exception to this rule of big expensive film sets is Docville Movie Set in Newcastle Ontario. Here is a link to their Youtube Channel for further info if you happen to be a location scout and are in the market for a bargain without sacrificing quality. People aren’t entertained as easily and they demand more.  They want to see big explosions and invading aliens, or epic high fantasy films.  For these reasons many people do wonder if the Western has seen it’s time come and go.

Well for fans of Western movies the good news is that they are far from dead.  Are there as many Western movies or do they dominate the box office like they once did? No, but that doesn’t mean that they are gone for good.  Today Western movies come out less frequently, but often those that are released end up becoming modern classics.  By focusing on characters and story along with iconic western imagery filmmakers today can help to capture a moment in time and for a brief time captivate their audience.  While Westerns may not be able to compete with summer blockbusters they can be successful with the right actors and production team.

In the past, a simple Western film set, a great story, good production crew, and talented actors could create a film that could transport you back in time to the old West.  While this may have been common in the past and less so today, it still can happen.  Westerns aren’t dead, they are just a rarer type of film now.  While big budget special effects-filled movies are now the dominant force in the movie business, the simple Western has its place.  Lacking the flash of other types of movies Westerns have to focus on the really important things in filmmaking.  They have to tell you a story that engrosses you.  They have to use actors that draw you into their world.  Are Western movies Dead? Thankfully they are far from it.


Here In Ontario

Here in Ontario

Ontario The Beautiful
Colourful Ontario

For the past several years Ontario has attracted a large number of film production houses and producers both at local and international levels. There are several reasons why Ontario is a favorable destination for film producers, and they include diverse sites to pick from, brilliant technical and creative personnel in the industry and variety of favorable weather conditions. Other reasons include state of the art production services and knowledgeable, experienced professionals in the industry and variety of natural beauty. Additionally, Ontario has covered all kinds of geographical terrains and architectural styles.

In Toronto, there are several industrial buildings that offer an excellent setting for film production. The buildings are not only spacious but also magnificent to produce different stages while producing a film. There are also European streetscapes that offer exciting filming stages especially in scenes involving chasing or escapes. There is also an Ivy League style university where university school scenes can be shot complete with required equipment and facilities that might be needed in such a setting. Toronto also has glass and steel skyscrapers which offer spectacular filming stages that are complemented with modern style and outstanding architectural designs.

Toronto city is blessed with cultural and ethnic diversity which makes it a favorite place to shoot film sets that are based in other cities of the world. Different film story sets have been shot in Toronto locations that resemble cultural and ethnicity of cities such as New York, Vienna, Tokyo, Washington, Warsaw and even Tehran. By filming these story sets in Toronto, film production houses and directors have been able to significantly minimize their filming budgets and reduce the time required to prepare the film. That has been possible because the movie directors have been able to move to various cities around the world and carrying their equipment with them.

Casa Loma in Toronto is also an outstanding place to shoot a film, formerly a home to a wealthy businessman; it has a strange architectural design and is a good setting to shoot a film in an opulent palace or a scary background. Toronto city hall is another filming location in which it has provided different filming stages for various film productions especially those that resemble US setting such as Washington D.C. Other beautiful film locations in the US include Niagara Falls and Sheraton on the Falls, which offer natural beauty, and they are also very safe from when landing from the top to the bottom and are also free from dangerous water animals like crocodiles and sharks.

In Ontario and beyond the city of Toronto, the province has an incredible range of diverse locations that includes brilliant, iconic parks and buildings in Ottawa where film directors and producers enjoy shooting their films to Hamilton’s industrial settings. Ottawa, which is also the nation capital, has other unique locations such as British-style buildings which provide convenience for film directors by having a film setting done in Canada instead of going all the way to London. Ottawa also has a Rideau Canal, which is a dazzling location to do a film setting. The parks include Morningside Park and Allen Gardens. The popular streets where films have been shot in Toronto include church street, Yonge Street, and Kingston road.

Northern Ontario has natural wilderness and tundra that are safe and intriguing settings that make the films outstanding. Additionally, Ontario has many tranquil small towns with friendly communities that resemble those in the American Midwest and New England as well.

Ontario is a fascinating place to shoot a film due to all the above exciting locations for filming, as well as the peaceful community because of the province’s stable political environment which provides long-lasting peace in these locations.